Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rules of Attraction: Review

Rules of Attraction (Perfect Chemistry, #2)

Carlos is Alex Feuntes little brother, already enough of a struggle. Then he gets shipped away from his life to Colorado to live with Alex and Brittany. Not exactly Carlos's idea of a fun time. He is frustrated and angry and he just wants to be numb, one person stands in the way of Carlos becoming the Anti-Alex, and that person would be Kiara. Kiara is a quirky sweet girl,  not the typical chica Carlos fools around with. How will Carlos adjust to normal life, will he soar or fall flat on his face. 

Oh man, so good, so so good. Completely lives up to Perfect Chemistry and Leaving Paradise. Simone Elkeles can write a love story that is certain. Carlos is a bad boy, but you can tell its not who he really is, and so can Alex, Brittany, Kiara and her entire family. This reminded me of the show 7th Heaven in a way. Kiara's family is so good and excepting, but not religious. The dynamic between all the characters was extremely real. However everything wasn't overly emotional it was kept pretty light. The characters were likable and entertaining. Carlos and Kiara melted my heart, and I was so excited once I got into the story. I kept wanting to sneak away to read every chance I got. Kiara shocked me sometimes she would do things so out of character, but I really liked the surprise. Carlos was hot just like Alex in Perfect Chemistry, you totally root for him, and swoon. I loved the family elements it made me really happy, to see such a loving family in a book, even Carlos's family isn't bad, they care about him. I had high expectations with this one because I love Simone Elkeles, and it lived up to it.

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Chas @ LLL Reviews said...

OMG!!!!! I agree! I loved this one among the other titles mentioned! Simone has been the reason for several sleepless nights.

I have my review up on my blog if you'd like to link yours to mine that would be great! I am trying to link up reviews to get more views and to share more opinions about one title.

=) I cant wait for Return to Paradise.