Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Read-A-Thon Day Two

Today was a pretty eventful day I'm sort of pleased. Not because I read an alarming amount of books, but just because I realized how amazing books are, seriously. I read The Iron Daughter, and forgot I was even in a Read-A-Thon.  Then I was cursing myself for taking so long to read it, then I started The Dark Divine and finished shortly after that. That was simply because it was so good, and I'm just really happy that I've read three pretty awesome books in this Read-A-Thon. I've only done two mini challenges one each day, I might do more than one tomorrow if I have the time. 

Trickster's Girl-Hilari Bell
The Iron Daughter- Julie Kagawa 
The Dark Divine- Bree Despain
... I recommend all three 
I'm on chapter 4 of Prophecy of The Sisters as of right now, and it too is amazing this Read-A-Thon has really been a blessing :)


Book ♥ Soulmates said...

Don't you love that feeling you get when you finish a really great book and realize it was time well spent :)

I NEED to read the Iron Daughter too!

I wanted to mention that today is our Mini-Challenge and it's all about la amour!! If you like romance novels, please stop by our BLOG to enter for a chance to win "Our Highlander Romance Swag Pack". Enter today because a winner will be chosen tomorrow!

Happy reading!
Book ♥ Soulmates

Lyndsey said...

I loved The Dark Divine!!

Im following your blog now, cant wait to read more from you :D


Caitlin said...

Isalys-I entered great contest, and thanks. The Iron Daughter is great.

Lyndsey-I'm following you too!, and I'm now scared to post my The Dark Divine Review because yours rocks.. lol