Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday

Is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking The Spine its to spotlight books your anticipating. 
Leave some comments and tell me what books have you excited. 

Happy Reading. 

Restoring Harmony
May 13th 2010

Description Courtesy of Goodreads. 
The year is 2041, and Molly McClure was only six when the Collapse of ’31 happened, ending life as the world’s population knew it. When she is forced to leave the comfort of her small B.C. island to travel down to Oregon, Molly discovers how hard the Collapse has been on the rest of the world. What starts out as a quick trip to the U.S. to convince her grandfather to return to Canada and be the island’s doctor, becomes a rescue mission. How much will she have to compromise to succeed in getting back home?

I'm in a contest to win this one early because I'm excited for its May 13th 2010 release date. 


Lori@Escape Between The Pages said...

I love the cover of that book.

Here's Mine

Book Crazy Jenn said...

LOVE the look of this book - the cover, discription - all of it just = amazing!

Raíla said...

Great choice! This sounds amazing!

Caitlin said...

FYI: Love your layout!!

Caitlin said...

Thanks guys :)

and I'm jealous of your layout fellow Caitlin.

Juju at Tales of said...

This book looks so good!