Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stephanie Plum Challenge

Hello book people, so my Mom has to go to the library for her job a lot and she catches lots of the good book rummage type sails. She has aquired lots of the Stephanie Plum books, so I thought I would enter this challenge and give them a try. A couple of people have told me about how funny her books are so I'm looking forward to this. You can sign up with J.Kaye's Book Blog, and I'm also in the YA Challenge over there as well. I haven't been able to get my hands on Perfect Chemistry my first book so I'm doing Evermore right now.

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Christine said...

Sweet! I'm in this challenge, too! I read the first three books late last year and have book four on my nightstand right now. Will probably get to it in February. The series is entertaining and I do like Stephanie Plum, but it doesn't WOW me. I'm still reading it, though, so that says something, right? Good luck with the challenge.

And OH! I can't wait for you to read Perfect Chemistry. I looooved it. Kinda predictable and a bit cliche, but oh so good anyway!

Love your new layout, too. This one really suits you and your blog, I think. :D

J. Kaye said...

Welcome to the Stephanie Plum Reading Challenge! So glad you could join. I am getting read to read book four soon. :)