Monday, January 4, 2010

Slowing Things Down

Just wanted to update everyone that things might be a little slow for a while. I'm currently undertaking The Morganville Vampires and I just finished Midnight Alley. Must say that was a great read. I'm working on the fourth book now and can't seem to stop reading them. Its one of those crazy times for me seems like I've been stuck in a worm hole or something. My eyes might start bleeding soon. I tackle so many books sometimes I'm not so sure its a wise decision. What I gain in awesome plot and characters I lack in sleep. I zoomed through The Mortal Instruments just to get sucked in to the spectaulr world of Kate Daniels. Then bid her farewell for my journey to St. Vlad's Vampire Academy didn't regret that either. Please don't misunderstand me I enjoy every single one of these adventures. Even a few side vacations to Gatlin County for Beautiful Creatures all of it was wonderful. Well here comes the big BUT I need to slow down catch my breath rejoin the land of the living. After I wrap things up in Morganville I think I will try a stand alone book just to be safe. I can't go getting sucked into any more series books for a while I'm afraid. Plus I'm looking into some writing projects with various sites. Just to be honest I have LOTS of house cleaning to do and two cats who could use with some extra attention. Reading truly is an addiction even though I love every minute of it I can't be pulling anymore all nighters. What sane person finishes a book in one sitting anyway where is the fun in that...books must be savored.

---Also don't forget about the Book Bundle Giveaway and I'm going to check in with Alisa Kwitney sometime soon for the Abra Barrow book contest.

Happy Reading


Caitlin said...

I know how you feel! I stayed up til 2am a couple of nights ago reading Moonlight by Rachel Hawthorne and I'm still recovering! I don't know why I keep doing that to myself.

Caitlin said...

P.S. I totally got sucked into the wormhole of the Morganville Vampires as well. That's about all I did for two days. Insane!

Caitlin said...

I don't know either its just something we can't help I'm afraid. The Morganville books are just to freaking good haha.

Christine said...

You think all nighters are tough at 20? You should try them at my (undisclosed) age! LOL. Seriously, though, I also try to savor a book over a few days as opposed to reading it all at once. But sometimes it's really hard to do that. I find that I remember the book better if I read it slowly, so that helps motivate me to take my time. Sort of. ;)