Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mountaineer Football Game

Well I can't even tell you the score so don't expect a nice little Sports Center highlight discussion ;). I can however tell you what a beautiful day it was. The temperature was perfect, and it was incredibly sunny outside. Everyone was extremely polite and nice minus two girls that sat to the left of Kari. The hot dogs tasted pretty great (minor details matter)... the people who ran one tent in particular made our day. They were up for some bartering and making deals even gave Kari and Stacey a free shirt because it had last years schedule on it. We got pretty lucky with that tent I walked away with a hoodie and t-shirt for a mere 30 bucks. It was a pretty nice event if I must say so, a million things could have went wrong considering I went to Morgantown without even purchasing a ticket ;)

P.S. Investing in some camera batteries so my blog can be chalked full of pictures
&&&& for those of you trying to text or call me I will be charging my phone tonight, I am a complete scatter brain, and I am working on that!!!

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