Monday, November 9, 2009

20 Reasons Why..500 Days of Summer

I am starting a new segment called 20 Reasons Why it will feature 10 reasons why I like something and 10 reasons why I don't like it, but in the end I will have a final verdict. It is sort of like a pro con list, I'm just doing it for fun though. This very first edition will be focused on the movie 500 Days of Summer starring Joseph Gordon Levit and Zoe Deshanel. This will contain ***SPOILERS.

  1. I loved the way the movie was shot, I loved the home-movie vibe, and how they cut the screen in half and showed you Joseph and Zoe at the same time.
  2. I loved the music I am a huge Regina Spektor fan and was happy when I heard one of her songs.
  3. I loved Tom's (Joesph) little sister she was cute, and had a spunky personality.
  4. How Tom sang karaoke.
  5. Tom's friends they cracked me up
  6. That Zoe's character's favorite Beatles member was Ringo.
  7. How Tom could list everything he loved about Summer (Zoe) and then just as easily list the same things as what he hates most.
  8. That Tom found himself and realized he wasn't defined by loving Summer.
  9. That Tom compelety bashed greeting cards by saying Americans need to learn to speak for themselves.
  10. That Dr. Spencer Reed from Criminal Minds is in the movie I LOVE HIM.

  1. I basically could not stand Zoe Deshanel's character Summer her entire personality repelled me.
  2. The way they skipped around with the days I wish they would have went in order, but I can see why they did it and it worked just wish it were different.
  3. Summer's haircut
  4. Summer's apartment
  5. How Summer refused to be serious with Tom, but then fell in love immediately after they broke up and justified it to Tom by telling him she knew because she felt everything with her husband she lacked with Tom.
  6. The way Tom took so long to notice the clues of Summer disliking him
  7. Summer's stupid banter about how love is meaningless she used it purely for attention getting purposes.
  8. Summer's choice in karaoke song.
  9. Summer basically not loving Tom he is the perfect boy, but I also like that in a way.
  10. Sumer being a bitch and inviting Tom to a party and not letting him know about her engagement.

Final verdict. I loved this movie you might not think that because I can find 10 things I dislike, but they all mainly involve Summer. I hated her in this movie her character sucked. I would have disliked this movie if Tom and Summer would have ended up together, I love it because Tom found Autumn and she will help him get over Summer...Awww how cute.

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