Friday, June 26, 2009

Dreading Work

Today is my last midnight this week no more until Tuesday night! A few things on my mind today I am actually pretty sad about Michael Jackson I read a post on Perez that Lisa Marie Pressley wrote on her blog. Saying how she tried to save him and felt like he was her biggest failure really touching. Ok on a lighter note I was watching Daisy of Love I posted some stuff in the sidebar about her. I am going to be doing some looking into why we love Daisy so much what it is about her. That will be coming up later. Also the governor of South Carolina what was he thinking? He left his kids on father's day well not on the exact day but he missed it to be with his mistress in Argentina. I hear now they want him to step down he did take a government car and plane. I'm sure he isn't the only one though, but he seems like a really horrible man. Well he certainly doesn't have his priorities straight. I am going to see Transformers I have only talked to one person who saw it, and they said it was ok. I am going Saturday because I only want to pay 5 dollars, but Megan Fox from Transformers found that boy she was hunting the fan she snubbed. Who knows if its just because the media made a big deal about her ingoring the little boy trying to give her a flower. She did apologize to him and regrets not taking his flower. However, Shia Labeuf was a total sweetheart on the Today Show meeting one of his fans, and being really nice to her he was really charming. I sometimes think Shia is a little weird and question his acting, but he was great on the Today Show. That is probably good for Transformers since you never know what is going to come out of Megan Foxs mouth. I will let you know my opinion of the movie after I see it. I am going to be posting some stuff about Megan Fox and Shia Labeuf they both seem pretty entertaining. Alright I am going to get ready for my last midnight of the week.



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