Thursday, June 25, 2009

Post One


So to start things off Michael Jackson died today. I'm sure a lot of people have mixed feelings about this. My feelings are he was a talented man, but he was really misguided as are many talented figures in today's culture. He was never convicted of his crimes but no one will ever know except for the people involved if it really happened. I tend to believe it did happen because his demeanor and actions. However, he is gone now I suppose for a while people will dredge up all the old events naturally. MTV has stopped playing its regular programming to play Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 videos I was talking about it earlier, and its normal for them to do that he helped create the network. I am wondering though what is going to happen to his children. The woman who gave birth gave up her parental rights last I read. Michael isn't married, but I'm sure he has a will, it will be interesting to see who gets his children. The crimes he was accused of are serious though and that probably causes a lot of people to not really care, but its still going to attract lots of public attention most of it negative but still attention.

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