Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review: Dangerous

Dangerous by Diana Palmer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Seriously one of my favorites, up there with the Wyoming books, Lawless & Magnolia. Really good had one of the most believable relationships of the Jacobsville series, aside from Lawless. I really liked Heart of Stone too though I loved Boone and Keely, but this one just had a lot more action in it. I totally felt like I was watching Burn Notice. I loved Kilraven and Winnie. They are all so serious the men in these books & he just felt so real one of the most real characters in her books for me. They are great but now just as believable. Her new series the Wyoming ones, have really realistic characters too. I am just really sad she quit letting the men call the women tonics. I loved reading that "Darling you are a tonic." It made me smile every single time, she still however lets the ladies refer to men as being "dishy" LOVE I am also sadly disappointed if I read a Diana Palmer book and the man isn't "Starving to death" for the women, I just miss it if its not there. I LOVE HER.

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