Thursday, May 26, 2011



I was pleaseantly suprised by Wrapped, I like historical ficiton enough, but this was different. It had a Mummy vibe, like the movie?? Anyone? It was really entertaining. I was happy with it.

The plot was pretty smooth, it was a nice clean romance with just enough spies and adventure to satisfy you. I really liked the back-story and the family element. I am a huge fan of the Mummy movies so that historical avenue was awesome for me. I liked the little tidbits about Egypt tossed in there, and the espionage. Agnes was a very likeable MC, also the Jane Austen sprinkled throughout the plot, can you say WIN, perfect addition to the story. The story could have had a little more sizzle for my taste, and it drug at some points, but the ending was really satisfying.

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Sally Sapphire said...

Good to hear - I've been looking forward this one.

Katy said...

Its really cute, and a fast read too.