Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Divergent (Divergent, #1)


I'm a huge dystopia fan, I just love it. I recently read Enclave & it was amazing. I found myself comparing Divergent and Enclave a lot, they both were just really awesome. Divergent however turned out to be a  totally unique experience. Divergent was dystopia at its best, I loved every twist & turn.

Tris is going to be sorted, everyone is sorted where she comes from, they are all assigned a fraction. A community they go to live with, it doesn't matter if your parents are from there or not. Tris is a member of the selfless fraction, they are quite plain & very reserved.. oh and totally selfless. Tris just does not feel like its *her*, so she is struggling with what to do. The test is very scary, and Tris takes it with the best of her ability, not having any idea what fraction she will get assigned. The political aspect of this book threatened to bore me, but it was incredibly alluring. I had one problem, it was that Tris was able to adapt so quickly once she arrived at her fraction. I just had a hard time buying someone adapting so fast, but then it worked itself out, when you realize she is more or less faking it till she makes it. I personally thought the idea of fractions, was genius.. dividing everyone up, and making them all the same, it really just puts a division between everyone, cliques at their worst..made for some great drama. I really enjoyed how Tris's mom snuck up on you, she was just there, and then boom she is awesome. I was so fascinated by the fear machine, I just can not even imagine living through that, but they all did..sort of.  It makes you live out & defeat your greatest fears. Loved all the characters.... I really liked Four, from the first page he was mentioned, I was like "There is something about this boy..." & he did not disappoint me.  He was so cute, but scary.. he honestly did remind me of Fade from Enclave at times, but still his own boy. I read on a few blogs that people wished we'd had more from Uriah, a minor character..I'd have to say I agree with that, when he was mentioned he seemed very calm, but tough & he gave Tris a chance when a lot of people would not have. I love how little timid Tris came into her own, and just could not wrap her head around the fact she was not plain & ugly. That would be annoying at times, but the fraction she came from instilled that in her. This book was a bit darker than I thought it would be, but still not depressing. Veronica Roth's writing is just mind bogglingly good, and I have not read a negative review for this book, everyone loves it.

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Melody said...

I can't wait to read!! Loved your review.


Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

All these amazing reviews of this book! I'm really really wanting it. :) Thank you for a great review! :)