Friday, April 15, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Recap-16 & Extended Klaus Episode Promo

I try not to spoil anything that much, just be warned. Lesson learned, SHUT UP, my recaps should not be that long, no one will read that much gibberish. Lets take it back, we all know by now that Bonnie will die if she harnesses her power, in this episode everyone finds that out, except for Caroline who is stuck protecting Matt, which I dislike because its all moot. Klaus is in Alaric's body, and I must say I do not hate it, I actually like his attitude I think I am going to love Klaus. I must say for me this was a Bonnie/ Damon love fest, I just can't even with them, they stole the episode, with minor bursts of joy for Alaric/Klaus. I really loved, Bonnie in this episode, she was just HBIC, she was owning it. Damon was great too, he is so intense, and you just simply can not doubt him, you take that boy at his word. He is serious and he means business. He would do anything to protect Elena, and he knows Bonnie would too. I love when he said something like, "I will make the life and death decisions, I'll be that bad guy, and I'll even let her hate me for it, but in the end I'll be the one keeping her alive."  I might not have quoted exactly, but I think I'm close. This episode was super shocking, I really was just sitting there in my blankie with my mouth hanging open, it was amazeballs. I was just glued to my TV. I can not wait for the real Klaus to show up though, and the beginning OMIGOD that beginning Katherine stabbing herself, that was crazy.

Look at that fierce stare, she is in it to win it baby, do not cross her. I love it!


& You guys have to watch the extended promo Elijah is just boss, I love it he cracks me up, things are about to get crazy in Mystic Falls, I'm excited. 

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