Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stanley Cup Playoffs Hiatus

I know some of you probably could care less if I blog, but just to be nice I'm going to let you know that I will be quite engrossed in one thing and one thing only, The Stanley Cup Playoffs. My boys made it this year (without their two best players I might add) anyway, I will be watching hockey, maybe reading, doing everyday life stuff, and then watching more hockey. I will schedule some posts, but other than that, I'll be MIA except for Twitter (@katybug3000).. Just letting you guys know. 


Chrystal said...

ENJOY! My fiancee will be absorbed in this so I am sure I will be watching my fair share of playoffs too.

Tynga said...

I'll be following the playoffs as well! My team is the Montreal Canadiens and I hope we'll make it past the Bruins, we have so many injuries though, I'm kinda scared!