Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Knight Angels:Book of Love-Review


I have noticed these books around for quite some time, but was truly captivated by the cover. When I started reading I was fascinated with Abra's choice to do so many POV's. Every character felt so real, Jane felt ghost like, and that is what I believe was intended. When reading you could tell Jane was not of this world, she lived mainly in her head, haunted by everyone's death. Still, you could not mistake her she was selfish, one of the most selfish characters I've ever read, honestly. I think that was the entire point, in order to feel sympathetic toward the other characters, you had to witness how flawed Jane actually was, it was nice.

Max was also selfish at times more selfish than Jane, they were made for each other honestly. Max never could see anything beyond Jane, he was a little Edward Cullen like he had Jane on the brain 24/7. They were both so obsessed with each other and their Angel like duty, and keeping Greg away from Jane, that no one even bothered to notice Emily Jane's sister could read minds, and Wes was a shape-shifter. While Emily and Wes finally discovered each other, and were able to help the other cope, I really liked reading Emily and Wes's POV's better than any other, they were just more entertaining. I mean at one point Wes actually thought, "I'd tell Jane about my problems but she's just too selfish, and just too caught up in her own  worries to care." I really bonded with Emily more than anything else, and I hated how it took Jane so long to realize she wasn't just a druggie, and wasn't even a slut at all she was a virgin, Jane judged her so harshly, never realizing she self medicated to drowned out everyone's thoughts. I really liked this book, I got really invested in the story, and the characters were very real, it was like very serious, but still supernatural a good  combo. If your a fan of The Vampire Diaries, I really feel like you'll like this book, its very similar to that concept.

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