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“Spooky-cool, grimly gorgeous, tactile, tough, and terrifying.” 
–national bestselling author Sharon Shinn

“…In her first young adult novel, Aguirre (the Sirantha Jax series) has created a gritty and highly competent heroine, an equally deadly sidekick/love interest, and a fascinating if unpleasant civilization. This series is likely to hold considerable appeal for fans of The Hunger Games.”
–Publishers Weekly

They say this on American Idol all the time, every now and then "magic happens", and for me magic so happened with Ann Aguirre's Enclave. I've been itching to get my hands on her other books, because I've heard really good things about Ann, so I decided to start with Enclave, honestly because it has had soooo much buzz. Just a really great dystopia book so they say, really lived up to the hype for me, I could not have asked for a more involved, soul moving story, just pure goodness.

Deuce has lived underground her entire life, in the College Enclave, she knows what she is told, and she has an unwavering faith in her Elder's. She is a Huntress, its a very important job, and its the one she has always wanted ever sense she was a brat. She finally has it all, but then she gets assigned to Fade, the "outcast" he is not from their tribe he was found in the tunnels, and forced to acclimate to their ways, so he is not exactly a happy camper, however he is a mesmerizing hunter and fighter. The bond between hunting partners is strong, you have to face hellish unspeakable zombies, and have each other's backs constantly. Things start going south for Deuce, and she starts to see things from Fade's point of view, maybe she just isn't the warrior she thought she was, maybe her heart is just too soft. Deuce and Fade are sent on a suicide mission for a punishment, they are forced to slosh through the gross dank tunnels to find another Enclave, but when they get there the other Enclave citizens are all dead. No one will believe them when they return, and its all very frustrating and real. You ache with Fade and Deuce, they both really tug at your heartstrings. Deuce is really struggling with her faith in her people, and you can see she's starting to question things.  Finally when the Elder's target one of her best friends for one of their mind game punishments, she can no longer take it in and true Katniss Everdeen fashion sacrifices herself, and in true Peeta fashion Fade goes too, they are partners forever and always. Fade and Deuce however are no copycats, they are amazing characters in their own right. They are exiled for their treachery and forced to go topside, and its amazing.  Things are so different, and its fascinating to witness Deuce open her eyes to stars and sunshine for the first time ever, she is so clueless, but a true fighter. They go through great trials, and grow as people, and learn from everything around them. They meet up with two other teens Stalker and Teagan, and form a unit that is truer than any tribe, and it becomes their makeshift family. It was amazing to watch their relationships change, and to watch them all four grow and blossom before your eyes. None of them had an easy route, but to see them care for one another, and fight for one another in such a scary situation, it was heartbreaking. The world Ann created was scary real, I also love how she incorporated reading into the plot, when the group found the library is was so amazing to see how excited they all were. It really shows you even in apocalyptic times books will still be there. My favorite thing was how Ann weaved the characters and the setting together so well, their surroundings sort of defined who they were as people, it was like a really well woven tapestry. Her writing style was just stellar, and  her version of a love triangle was mind blowing. She makes you wonder, but you never have to choose a team, and then in the end its all explained away so nicely, and you don't feel like any other character was scorned in any way. I'm really looking forward to Outpost the second installment, it honestly can only be amazing.

& also do you guys remember this the book formerly known as Razorland :] it got a makeover, & was given the new "Enclave" cover, which do you prefer?? Just curious. 

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