Friday, February 18, 2011

The Vampire Diaries-Recap 13 (Spoiler Alert)

This episode had me screaming at my TV, for several reasons. One it had no Caroline in it, second I was just starting to like Elijah... Also it frustrates me to no end that Damon and Alaric both are constantly going off to perform these outlandish plans, and they seldom do enough research.
They really don't prepare for stuff that really is a big deal, like killing an original it should have been researched a little farther. Then Elena just assuming that they knew not to pull the dagger out, freaking John Gilbert why can't he ever be totally honest. They should all learn by now to research stuff more carefully. Now maybe they'll learn. Also I am really loving Alaric, and now that he has no ring I'm afraid he'll be offed.
Damon will seriously go after John now though, thats totally understood. Poor Jenna, I am seriously feeling bad for her she isn't going to be able to trust anyone in her life once she finally learns the truth, plus she'll feel really stupid. I actually like her a lot, she's sweet. Then the flashbacks, they weren't that shocking Stefan has mentioned how ruthless he was before, but I just don't buy Damon like that, I like Damon how he is, I didn't really get the scene with Damon and Lexie, when he was leaving. Does he feel bad for killing her, why did he kill her, I don't even remember that. I know he did, but I can't recall why, not even a little bit. I loved the scenes with Bonnie and Jeremy, but now that Bonnie has no powers, does that mean she can't be used to break the curse? They are going to have to find a new witch, or else put her powers back, and don't they need a werewolf too, they lack that now. Pretty much all they have is a doppleganger, and  four vampires. I'm trying not to get too attached to Damon's little fling, I wish they'd quit giving her lines, because I'm sure she'll be killed soon. This was a pretty good episode, though a lot happened. I loved the way the plan came together in the end, it was pretty brilliant.


Yep Elena stabbing herself, what a crazy gif. I had to put it up lol.


Smash Attack! said...

Hella exciting episode!

P.E. said...

Yes, this was a crazy episode. What did you think of Katherine getting free?

Katy said...

It was a hella exciting one.. I am pumped Alaric is coming into his own...I was a little shocked to see Katherine..It never crossed my mind that after Elijah died the compelling would be broken.