Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Turning-Review

★★★★★-Its just so freaking original, and tragic.

I read a lot of vampire books, like most of you, but this one seemed different. It truly felt most realistic, as realistic as a vampire UF novel can feel, but it was nice. Dr. Carrie Ames, is attacked in a very believable way, Cyrus who lets face it totally reminded me of a slightly hotter Lucious Malfoy, attacks her in the hospital. That is feasible if Vampires existed, why am I capitalizing it, I'm stopping that now.
She is naturally freaked out, at first she is a little in denial. Then she meets Nathan a fellow vamp, through a wonky online message board. He says, in order to stay alive you've got to be good, meaning if she doesn't join his side he'll theoretically kill her. She struggles with the decision because she doesn't even know him, and then she slowly realizes he's maybe not so bad, and sort of handsome, and maybe a little sweet. That all comes crashing down when she meets a witch, who is OBSESSED with her sire Cyrus. She eventually meets Cyrus post mauling, to discover he's incredibly eccentric, also a little homicidal, and maybe a rapist. Still with him being her sire, not a lot she can do, she's drawn to him, linked to him forever (think Sookie Eric blood bond).. She is physically attracted to him, and has an insane need to please him. Many different things happen in this book, its emotional to be honest, and it really examines the psychological aspects of living so long, and the need to please your father. It read a little like a Shakespearean tragedy, which totally shocked me. The writing style was on point, the characters were intriguing, and the relationships solid, the mystery and suspense keeps you hooked too. Also everything was not always dark, there was comic relief, Carrie's inner monologue was that a of a true UF heroine, self deprecating, and always entertaining.

I pictured Aimee Teagarden (Julie Taylor) from FNL
maybe slightly older though.

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Laura (All of Everything) said...

This sounds so good! It's been on my PTR for ages but my library doesn't have it..