Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tempest Rising-Review

Tempest Rising (Jane True, #1)
★★★- I don't get Ryu, but other than him the book is great!
(Mild Spoilers)

Jane True, what is there to say about her, she is seriously one of a kind. I really grew to love her as the book progressed. She is pretty powerful, her mother was a selkie and her father just a dude. Jane can turn into a seal, but she has a few other tricks up her sleeve too. What I loved about this book was the bevy of supernatural characters, a lot to choose from. Ryu is a vampire detective, and he is sent to Rockabill to figure out a murder.He actually reminded me of Castle (Nathan Fillion) I have no idea why, he just did. Jane is instantly taken with him, and invested in his investigation. Also she is trying to figure out her powers, and the supernatural world, its all confusing for her. Ryu is sexy and confident, and he genuinely likes Jane, so why not? I will admit I am not the captain of Ryu's fan club. I instantly knew I was team Anyan even though I had no reason to be, he basically showed no interest really in Jane, not like Ryu at all. Anyan can turn into a hell hound, and basically always remains in hell hound form, I didn't really mind. This was an incredible first book, a great way to build the world and introduce the characters. Jane is sweet, and she reminded me of Sookie Stackhouse at times, but then again she made me feel like she was unique.I grew to love all the characters during this book, and its nothing like anything I've read before, so fresh. The dialog is hilarious, and the murder investigation didn't hurt, kept things interesting. I've read all the books and I can tell you they only get better.

My Jane True, Lacey Chabret she is so tiny
I tried to even picture someone else in my head
However she just kept being what I saw when
I read, so I went with it...

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