Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Break Reading Challenge #2

The Holiday Break Reading Challenge Activity 2, I'm a little late to the challenge this time around, but here is the 2nd activity..You have to select a few pictures that reflect or remind you of what book you are reading. I'm reading Magic to The Bone by Devon Monk.

This isn't one of my pictures its a snip-it of the cover, the book is about Allie Beckstorm, a magic user, who tries to help people by figering out who has plagued them or cursed them. She works for pennies, and barely makes it money wise. All the while her Dad is extremely rich, and Allie was educated at Harvard. She would do anything though to steer clear of her controlling dad.  (I'm only a little ways in, so I'm not real sure about everything)

Devon talks a lot about the setting and the setting is Old Town Oregon sort of, she describes the city really well, and you get a real sense of Allie's surroundings.

Allie has a special gift, she can store magic in her bones, she doesn't have to draw it from any other conduits, she keeps it hidden deep in her bones, and its a very rare thing.

This picture reminds me of Allie and her Dad, he is a gifted magic user, and he can will people to do whatever he wants, see the manly hand over the girls face, and you can never tell what her Dad is up to, but he is rich, and wants Allie to come home, and live her life the way he wants, very controlling guy.

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Mrs. DeRaps said...

That last picture is disturbing! Sounds like a great book.