Sunday, November 7, 2010


NightshadeI find that sometimes I read a book, and then ask myself WHY DID I PUT THAT OFF? Because they tend to be the best ones. I had been hearing loads of hype about Nightshade, almost every blogger I follow loved it. I went into the book with pretty high expectations, much like Shiver or The Hunger Games. They were actually met pretty well. Calla is sensational I adored her, she is unlike any character I've come across in my reading. She seems some what unreal, like a bug zapper, she draws you in, she's shiny, and magnetic. She is the alpha of the Nightshade pack, she isn't klutzy or quirky like so many MC's that isn't always a bad thing, but it can get stale. She is fierce, I found that she could have been a villain in another life. She is not though she is the hero, almost to a frustrating point. She knows her place, she knows who she is, she fights it, but then she gives in, its TENSION CITY. Ren Bane is the alpha of the Bane pack, and he's my choice, he's the Damon in the story (forgive The Vampire Diaries reference lol)...he's the one she is set to marry, but he is not the soft hearted nice boy, that would be Shay. He is another can of worms, full of mystery, but a total golden boy, Andrea Cremer actually writes that exact phrase to describe him. I liked both boys, but Ren just stole my heart, who can tell with these things, I have no method in my choosing of teams. Shay is super nice, and a lot of you will root for him, but like I said Ren is my man. Ren is all about getting the job done, making the tough calls, doing the right thing, being an alpha. The entire cast of characters is awesome, you get pretty sucked into the mystery and lure of pack living. The wolves are not called werewolves but Guardians, and then Keepers, and Searchers who are magical. They have a hierarchy and laws they live by, its all very old school, but interesting. Strong character development with the main characters, and stellar descriptions when it came to the settings. They plot structure was good, the story flowed well, and it had several different things going on that you could get invested in, but not to all over the place, pretty cool. Calla is drawn to Shay, but she is betrothed to Ren, and she doesn't hate him. She is ordered to protect Shay because he's important,but why? Shay and Calla find a book, and that book could change it all. The Guardians, The Keepers, and The Searchers have a colorful past, but why is Shay so important, and who can really be trusted.  I'm certain you will like Nightshade, mostly everyone does. Well written, love triangle, fighting, need I say more. Also show that cover some love GORGEOUS, and the new cover for Wolfsbane swoon. 

Favorite Scene

"I respect Ren. He’s a friend. We’ll be fine together.” A friend . . . sort of. Ren watches me like I’m a cookie jar he wouldn’t mind being caught with his hand in. And he’s not the one who’d pay for that theft.Though I’d been stuck with lock and key from day one of our betrothal, I hadn’t thought playing policeman over our relationship would be that hard. But Ren didn't like to play by the rules. He was just tempting enough to make me wonder whether giving him a taste might be worth the risk.

Wolfsbane (Nightshade, #2)

The second installment of Nightshade July 12th 2011

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Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

Sounds good! I've heard a lot of great things about Nightshade, but my roommate wasn't a big fan. Either way, I have a copy, so I'm going to read it and make up my own mind. And the cover for Wolfsbane is awesome!

brandileigh2003 said...

I love Calla's character too. Thanks for the review.

Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

Smash Attack! said...

Great review!I loved Cremer's descriptive scenes. I felt like I was in the book! This is one of my fav YA releases of 201.