Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Iron Queen-Review


I went into this book firmly Team Puck, and don't get me wrong I still like Puck, but Ash...oh boy. I mean if you read the Iron Daughter, you know what I'm taking about, I was like Come on Ash, but then he totally stepped up, and was all that  a hero should be. Since the beginning of this series I loved Megan Chase. She's brave, resilient, and just boss. She and Ash have to go on another adventure this time they have some help, and they meet Glitch. I at first was annoyed with Glitch, but he actually grew on me, the Iron Fey have a rebellion, and can you blame them. What happened I had been expecting, don't want to spoil it for you, but it was predictable, but good. I'm still smitten with Ash, he's weaseled his way into my #1 when it comes to this series. I am in love with Queen Mab, she seriously reminds me of a nicer version of The Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland, or maybe if the White Queen and Red Queen become one person. I'm also happy when the gang ends up in her palace. I liked the family stuff that went on in this installment, I'm happy that Meghan still cares about her family after all thats happened. This wasn't my favorite the first one is still, but they are all so good it doesn't matter. I actually thought this was the last one, and was pleasantly surprised when I learned it wasn't. The ending was great for me, couldn't have been better. I'm excited for the The Iron Knight, Julie Kagawa does it again.

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Afternoons were spent talking to my dad, trying to get him to come out of his crazy-shell. Feeling as if I were repeatedly bashing my head against the wall. It was a slow and painful process. 

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brandileigh2003 said...

LOL- HOW can you be Team Puck after this book? Swoon...