Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Vampire Diaries Recap-5

*Spoilers*Seriously is Katherine dead...oh wait, that was insane. I was so happy to see Bonnie, Damon, Jeremy, Stefan, Caroline, and Alaric all work together. It was crazy to see a plan come together without Elena in the thick of it. I just get so proud of Caroline more and more. She is developing into such a great character. Jeremy and Bonnie were hitting it off too, and I'm glad her fellow witch told her since she is a "good" witch, she needs to be in the middle of everything. I'm glad Bonnie is coming around, I'm starting to really like her. I can sort of see where Damon is coming from by locking Katherine up, I think he actually hates her now. I loved how Damon wasn't even embarrassed by Katherine waxing on about his love for Elena, in front of Stefan, he just is who he is, I like that about Damon. Also Tyler Lockwood he is a werewolf now, I hope he is a good werewolf for Team Do Good, there isn't really an evil team anymore, but I'm sure something will come along soon. I can't decide now if I want Caroline to hook up with Tyler or Stefan, and poor Matt he is left in the dust he's the only human left in their little group besides Elena, but she is some kind of dopleganger.I'd like to see Isabelle come back into town, I liked her character, for wrong doing, I can't wait till Thursday I'm excited

Good Scene

Stefan: Alright, if anyone wants to back out, I’ll understand.
Damon: Yeah, cold feet speak now, I don’t want this going wrong when someone chickens out. Caroline?
Caroline: I won’t. She killed me. Fair’s fair. As long as there’s no werewolves running around.
Damon: Oh, I took care of Mason.


Monica said...

Oh yes! It was a great episode! I agree with you about Bonnie, I am starting to like her more and I'm glad that the other witch told her to be involved in everything! Also, I so don't think that's the last we'll see of Katherine, not by a long shot! I bet something happens and they have to set her free! I want to know more about the whole dopple ganger thing though because they never really explianed that? I don't really see Caroline hooking up with Stefan though, Tyler would work for her! I would like to see Damon and Elena hook up though! I'm team Damon all the way!

Caitlin said...

I know I totally don't see Caroline hooking up with Stefan I just wouldn't mind it lol, I can't actually picture anyone with him but Elena. Its weird how I can picture Elena with other people, but not Stefan. I know they barely brushed on the dopple ganger business, it has to be brought back up soon. I agree Tyler and Caroline would be an awesome pair.