Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Body Finder-Review

The Body Finder (Body Finder, #1)I really liked this book, it reminded me of an episode of Criminal Minds. Violet was a strong willed MC, the relationships were not as strong as I'd like. I understood though that the relationship wasn't the main point of the story, the missing girls were the main issue. Violet can seek out dead bodies its a gift, she really embraces it. A few people know about her special talent, and the local law enforcement actually utilize her skills. Her best friend Jay has aways been right there with her supporting her oddness. Lately though Violet is noticing the other girls swooning over him, its freaking her out, plus girls are being abducted all over town. I liked the alternate point of view from the killer as well. I will admit I totally thought I knew who the man abducting the girls was, it even seemed like it was going to go in that direction for a while, but then boom it changed. I was really happy that I was able to be fooled by the ending of the book. Violet's gift of seeking out dead bodies was really fascinating to me, it was a really mature original story line I felt. I liked Jay, I can see how someone wouldn't like him though he seems a bit domineering, but Violet is constantly running off and putting herself in danger, and I feel he was just extremely worried she'd get hurt. I felt he was pulling his hair out constantly worrying about her. Violets friends were a bit annoying, but they were just your typical high school girls truly, I'm glad not tons of time was spent on them. They story structure was perfect in my opinion, and I felt I got to really know Violet, and it still wasn't overly descriptive. I liked Violet's family dynamic too, and the law enforcement elements, like I said it felt like an episode of Criminal Minds, one of my favorite shows. I tweeted recently that this book was the perfect Halloween book, its a good read.

"A suspenseful, tale that really makes you think-Final thought on The Body Finder" 

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Savannah said...

I totally need to read this book. I've been hearing alot about the second book which brought my interest in this one. Nice review :)