Friday, September 24, 2010

Dance With The Devil-Review

Dance With The Devil has been one of my favorite Sherrilyn Kenyon books I've read lately. I burned through her The League series, have yet to review most of them, but I truly recommend them they are awesome. Dance With The  Devil is about Zarek who you sort of meet in Talon and Sunshine's book (Night Embrace also awesome book) Zarek is like the wort most scariest Hunter out there. He has been banished to Alaska, and in Talon and Sunshine's book risks a lot totally out of character to help out Sunshine. This leaves Acheron (the boss hunter) to have to form a plan to keep him from being executed. Astrid is a nymph like girl and she is a judge, she is sent to judge Hunters after they have gone off track. Astrid has a history of never ever letting a Hunter live, she was burned badly in the past by a Hunter she thought she loved leaving her a tiny bit bitter toward them. Astrid goes in blind literally to judge Zarek they are hit by a bad blizzard and forced to be locked away in her cabin. Zarek is furious about being cooped up especially when he has so may enemies after him. Astrid is a beautiful sarcastic girl. She isn't afraid of Zarek, and finds him rather comical. Then she gets to know him, and realizes he is the way he is because he was never taught not to be. He used to be  a Roman slave, and he's never really gotten over the horrible abuse. Astrid tries to get through to him, but Zarek of course believes he is not good enough. I really loved both Astrid and Zarek. I really can't complain about either of them. The book had me totally sucked in, and I finished it within days. I usually take my time with a Dark Hunter book because they are rather lengthy, but not this one I ate it up in a short time. I mean honestly you can't help but root for them, they are perfect for each other. This book really reminded me of Zsadist and Bella from The Black Dagger Brother Hood. Only Astrid looks more like Cormia from the books and not Bella. I really love this series and this book was another great installment, I really just love The Dark Hunter World, so different from The League World Sherrilyn created, but still awesome.

"Action packed journey where two people discover who they really are" -Final Though on Dance With The Devil

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I have this book on my shelf! Need to get to it soon :)