Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some Books Are Worth The Wait

Crying_girl.jpg crying print image by asg2588

Some of the best things are worth the wait. I'm all for the take-charge types if thats your scene, but me I'm just not like that. I have never really been in a rush to do anything. I always feel like I have time, I just try to be mellow. The only thing I'm not all that mellow about is cleaning, sometimes, other times I'm fine with the mess. I've come to the conclusion some books are worth the wait. I'm not meaning leaving them sit for decades, just patience is a virtue. I will be the first to admit I waited in line for the last two Harry Potters, I zoomed through the Sookie books,the Mercy Thompson books, and both Graceling and Fire. However, I did not wait in line for Mockingjay??? The option was readily available for me, but I'm having a really hard time letting go of it all. I do not want to see it all come to end. I'm avoiding Twitter like the plague because my copy of Mockingjay has not arrived yet, you would assume I'd be chomping at the bit. No, I read Rules of Attraction and now am reading a Sherrilyn Kenyon book. I'm not even angry about Mockingjay being delayed I'm rather zen about it actually. I'm am greatly anticipating finding out what happens, but I hate to say goodbye to Katniss. I'm also terrified of what will happen to everyone in the end, its scary. I'm still mildly upset about saying goodbye to Harry. Most of the other series I'm invested in are not even close to being over just yet, so its a sad thing. The book was shipped the 24th, but its still not here yet its coming by Royal Mail, so that is probably the hold up, or its just fate. 

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