Friday, August 13, 2010

Review: Eternal Kiss of Darkness

Eternal Kiss of Darkness

Mencheres and Kira are on a crazy journey. Mencheres is not sure if he even wants to live anymore, and Kira's sister is fighting for her life. Kira risks it all to save Mencheres, but he can't trust her not to blab about Vampires, so he holds her hostage. His powers have no effect on her because he saved her with so much of his powerful blood. What will happen in this dark world.

Ok, not my favorite book, certainly its not as good as First Drop of Crimson. Mencheres was and is a great character, but this book just lacks something. I mean the characters were good, I just kept reading waiting for something to happen. I felt awful reading and wishing for the story to take flight. I had really high hope for this one because Spade's book was very good, I recommend you still read this one because it had some good points it just wasn't for me.  Strong interesting characters, but just slow story.

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