Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Last Song Book Club Discussion One

Have you read any of Nicholas Sparks’ novels before? What was your first read by him? What is it about his books that you like? If this your first book by Nicholas Sparks, what about this book appealed to you? Has anyone seen any of his book-to-movie adaptations?

The Book Vixen

I actually have only read The Notebook, and I loved it. I also loved the movie its one of my favorites. I honestly can say I have loved every Nicholas Sparks movie ever made except Message in A Bottle did he write that? I feel kind of bad having never read most of the books, but instead opting for the movie. I think even though some claim his writing is predictable and he has a formula, I like it. That is part of the charm he does sort of have a mold for his books, but they still leave you reeling when your done reading or watching one his works. I've seen The Notebook, The Last Song, Dear John, A Walk To Remember, and Nights and Rodanthe,I'm not counting Message In A Bottle lol. I've even been to Rodanthe my family vacationed there just because my cousins love Nicholas Sparks. We even saw the house they used in the movie. 


Missie said...

I discovered NS through the movies made for the books, so don't feel bad, I was in the same boat.

WOW! So you went to the house. Did you see the horses? That would have been cool... and kind of spooky. :D

Natalie said...

Don't feel bad, I am a 100% Sparks Virgin... no movies and no books! I like visiting places where movies were filmed... really cool :)

Caitlin said...

Missie, they actually moved the house because it was to close to the beach it was causing damage..they have horses there but on a separate island. It was actually in town around neighborhoods.

Natalie, I hope you love this book so you can enjoy all the other great stuff he's done, not that I know from reading lol, but watching.

elizabeth said...

I started reading some of Nicholas Sparks' books because I loved the movies so much. I think many people did the same thing.

Monica said...

Hey there! I love your blog and so I'm passing an award on to you! You can find it here:

Happy Reading and Happy Blogging!

P.S. - I sent an email but I'm not sure if it went through so!

P.P.S. - I love Nicholas Sparks' books! I haven't read The Last Song but I saw the movie and loved it! My favorite book by him is The Choice. I legitimately cried multiple times and it's not easy for books to make me cry!

Caitlin said...

Monica-I love your name btw random but whatever, thanks if you sent me an E-mail using that epic fail of a tab on my blog that would be why lol, I want to read so many of NS's books. Thank you mucho for the award I loves it!

The Book Vixen said...

Yes, he wrote Message in a Bottle :)

If you liked the movies, then you'll like the books much more.

That is so cool that you saw the house used in Nights in Rodanthe!

Caitlin said...

I wasn't sure I just think I was to young when I saw it, maybe if I watch it now I'm older I will like it.

I'm glad everyone says they are better than the movies

Thanks :)

Chas @ LLL Reviews said...

OMG!! You been to the house in Nights and Rodanthe!=) I love the movie. Gere and Lane are among my favorite actors!=)

Jamie said...

I'm out visiting fellow book club peeps! I'm jealous that you got to see the house they shot Nights in Rodanthe in!

I too got into NS via his movies...My friend told me I needed to read The Notebook after taking me to see it in movie form.