Thursday, August 12, 2010

Review:Raised By Wolves

Raised by Wolves (Raised by Wolves, #1)
Brynn is your normal average everyday type of girl, except she was raised by wolves. Well, werewolves anyway, and they are all she has ever known. They are fierce and protective, and she adores most of them. Then she discovers a mysterious wolf at the Alpha Callum's house, will the mysterious wolf change Brynn's world forever, or will she change his?

Well, I'm sure a lot of people have said this, but this is a truly great werewolf book. I'd have to say its right up there with The Dark Divine for me, my actual favorite werewolf book. I like Shiver, but not as much as some others, I really liked it better than Shiver. Brynn is a truly moving character you live her ups and downs with her, and you get frustrated and teary eyed, its good stuff. Chase is a real and raw person, and you ache for him on so many levels. Brynn and Chase are traumatized and they share that, and they have an unwavering connection. They are truly star-crossed lovers like I said much like Grace and Daniel from The Dark Divine. I keep comparing the two books but, they both are so original that is not really fair. Raised By Wolves is the most real feeling supernatural book I've ever read, reading it you would expect this stuff to all actually happen. Brynn's family cares so much about her, but at times you want to scream at them for smothering her, but can you blame them? Its hard to trust Callum the Alpha blindly, but Brynn does even after he makes some seriously questionable decisions, but it all makes sense to you in the end. The setting is great too, and the boundaries and rules of the Pack Life, its all explained so well. I'd say certainly character driven and original for me anyway, the story is strong, the pace of the events timed excellently, all of it just good. I just can't stop comparing it with The Dark Divine. I am excited to read the sequel, because the story has to just be awesome. This was a well written lovely book, and I really really recommend it.

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Adriana said...

Awesome! I just started reading this one today. I'm only 3 chapters in and it's pretty good. Glad to hear you liked it more than Shiver. Great review!

Chas @ LLL Reviews said...

I loved this one too!!=) I can not wait to see what comes of the next installment!=)

I reviewed this one as well and a widget to add links to other review. Feel free to link!=)

Christine said...

So many stellar reviews for this one. I must read it!