Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sea Change Review and Giveaway

This book reels you in with all its mystery, Selkie Island is surrounded by a strange fog, its inhabited by peculiar locals, and monsters might even lurk in the water. Miranda is a girl of Science and fact its just in her nature, so she is set out discover everything. Her mother Amelia is to busy being a fixture on the social scene to worry about Miranda. She befriends a local named Leo, and that is just ridiculous to her mother and her mother's snobby friends. However Selkie Island is full of mystery and that Miranda can't resist just like she can't resist Leo. They even bring up the Mermaid sighting's of Christopher Columbus and Hudson that I wrote about on my Mermaid Post. This book made me long for the beach, I vacation on an Island off the coast of North Carolina, so Selkie Island reminded me of it. If your longing for the beach this the perfect book for you because the way things are described its like your there. You emerge from this book feeling like you've spent some time basking by the ocean. A great fascinating read perfect for Mermaid Week.

Win your very own signed copy of Sea Change courtesy of the fabulous Aimee Friedman, this contest is open for people in the US. Just simply fill out this form and wait winers will be chosen at the end of Mermaid Week. Again fill out this FORM


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