Monday, July 12, 2010

Read-A-Thon Mini Challenge

The first (not really just for me) mini challenge hosted by The Eager Reader for the Read-A-Thon is list your favorite fictional couple. Well its kind of hard to think because I'm sorta tired from reading Trickster's Girl haha, but I guess I can put my thinking cap on for this one.

1. DUH! Peeta and Katniss from The Hunger Games
2. Brigan and Fire from Fire by Kristen Cashore
3.Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter
4.Jane and Mr. Bingly from Pride and Prejudice
5. Devlin and Ani from Radiant Shadows

& The second part is to post about a crossover couple you would like to see, this is even harder than the first part.

1. Bitterblue from Graceling and Gen from The Queen's Thief (btw I make her the appropriate age in this lol)
2.Rose Hathoway from The Vampire Academy Series and Nick Ryves from The Demon's Lexicon
3.Gale from The Hunger Games and Grace from Shiver

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Violet said...

Awesome choices! I love Katniss & Peeta, Brigan & Fire, and Jane & Mr. Bingley! :) And Rose & Nick would definitely make an unstoppable duo. I had never considered Bitterblue & Gen, but that pairing intrigues me now. I do adore Gen. :) Thank you for participating in our mini challenges! :)