Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Catching Fire

Catching Fire (Hunger Games, #2)

Well, you probably already know this but I'm officially a giant fan girl for this series. I have already successfully forced my best friend and my Dad to read it. I can't even begin to describe my love for this book, I mean words don't even seem to do it justice. I think everyone when writing a series should strive for this type of story. Katniss and Peeta are just like a single organism one moves and the other one follows. The incredible thing about Peeta is you know that no matter what Katniss decides or who she decides to be with Peeta will be completely fine with it. He truly only wants for her to be happy, and would do anything to make it happen. This story is intense and breathtaking, but it unfolds with perfect timing. The twists are not rushed, and the characters are flawless. This time around its The Quarter Quell, and that means the Gamemakers can change up the rules if they are so inclined. The real kicker is that it was a Quarter Quell when Haymitch won his Hunger Games. Things take a turn for the extra bad when the rules are changed beyond anyone's wild imagination. Katniss disappoints me on some occasions, she acts a little selfishly at times. The thing with Katniss is she always realizes how selfish she is being. She does put forth an effort to change her ways, so it evens out for me. No one is as selfless as Peeta though that boy astounds me with his selflessness. He might not be the toughest or the most stealth, but he has a huge heart. Plus everyone seems to love him he is so hard to hate, and that makes him so valuable for the potential uprising. In Catching Fire new characters are in play, Finnick for one, a past winner. He is like some kind of beach God the way he is described. I took quite a liking to him, and he didn't disappoint me. Also I'm a big fan of secondary characters, and Effie and Prim have to be my favorite. Whenever Effie comes into the story I always know I'm going to be smiling. Then Prim she is just adorable. I personally think she is so much stronger than Katniss gives her credit for, and will be a fierce person one day. I don't hate Gale, but I am not Team Gale. I don't think he gets enough play though. He is an incredible guy, and I personally think things would be better for him if he were to be with Madge or Prim. I just feel Peeta has been through so much, but then so has Gale. I just can't wrap my mind around Gale and Katniss for some reason. The heart wants what the heart wants I guess. This entire setting is perfect for me, I just can not wait for Panem to come alive on the silver screen. Then again I hope it turns out like Harry Potter and not Twilight, can you imagine. They will have to be really careful with this one. Catching Fire was a fantastic read, and had me hooked from the get go. If you haven't read this series do so right this minute. I can't stress the awesomeness you are missing out on if you skip this series.

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