Monday, March 22, 2010

Perfect Chemistry

Perfect Chemistry

A fresh, urban twist on the classic tale of star-crossed lovers.

Since I read my first review of this book I was literally panting over it and had to get my hands on it, but living in the worlds smallest West Virginia town with limited funds and resources it took me some time. However the task is complete, and you guessed it I am now happily pushing Perfect Chemistry on all living, dead, and zombified people from now until eternity.

First let me start off by saying I know a lot of people even in my real life not just my blog one who disliked this book. Why you ask? Well most of them just thought it was eh an already explored story. I say this with the utmost respect...your crazy buy some glasses maybe you read it wrong. I can fully acknowledge awesomeness when I see it, and I saw it, and read it, and stayed up way to late because of it. All my life I have had a fascination with gangs I watch the show Gangland all the time. Alex Fuentes is in a Mexican gang, and some light gets shed on the violence and the drug pushing. Many people probably have a hard time relating to Alex because its hard to understand why anyone would choose to be in a gang. In my opinion and I could totally be wrong is that its kind of like going into the family business. Say your father owns a business then when your of age you go into business with him. A lot of gang members fathers like Alex's paved the way, or an older brother or father figure. When you grow up around something and its all you know things tend to just rub off on you its the nature of life. Plus like you haven't been to high school you know how it is, now matter what if your different than another group of teens its hard to be friends. If you come from drastically different backgrounds its just hard to connect in a setting such as high school. In all seriousness though lets get to the loves story. Brittany is first off not your typical high school cheerleader no matter what everyone including Alex spew. She has a sister with special needs who is direct care (meaning hands on you have to assist her with mostly everything) she is her older sister, but is Brittany's favorite person in the entire world. This really got to me and made me connect with Brittany lets just say I have experience in the area. Brittany is truly amazing because no questions asked she would give up her world to take care of Shelley, and you know it. It doesn't even have to be mentioned you just automatically know how Brittany feels about her sister, and thats the end of it. Some people could suggest she is ashamed anyway because she doesn't want a lot of people knowing, but speaking from experience she just doesn't want someone to judge Shelley. She wants to keep her as safe as possible from people who might upset her. Then Alex and Brittany meet truly in Chemistry they are partners. Its classic and I personally love the idea of lab partners falling in love. I mean it makes it more real for me. Its been done before, but still it works for me. Then you have another element "the bet" classic again. Tons of classic things happen lovers from the wrong side of the tracks, Science lab setting, "the bet", however every page was original for me. The relationship between Alex and Brittany sizzled I was just smitten with Alex and even Brittany like two sentences into their chapters. They honestly were just perfect for one another no doubt about it. They seriously had PERFECT CHEMISTRY it was radiating off the pages. The gang thing I understood, but not for the same reason I can relate to Brittany and her sister I have zero gang affiliation. Truly Brittany understood it as well I think it was foreign to her on some levels, but it was a part of Alex she understood all the same. For me it was just like Alex leaning down to Shelley's level and playing checkers with her. She was a part of Brittany's life that Alex just understood.When you connect with someone past a lust or crush level things about them just collide with you, and you might not like it, but you get it. Another memorable moment for me that proved exactly how much Brittany loved Alex was at the wedding when she talked to Alex's mother. When even though she was speaking to his mother she could not promise not to hurt Alex, but she couldn't stay away either. She could have lied to please her, but Brittany told the truth because it mattered. This book was perfectly crafted if you ask me, I can't find one thing to bash. The story is to honest and real, and to be truthful I feel like I'm talking behind their back because Alex and Brittany felt human.


Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Ooh, I can't wait to read this one!

Caitlin said...

I recommend it to everyone who can read haha.

Angiegirl said...

So much love for this book. Like you said they're both so endearing. I love them both. And I've discovered it even improves on re-reading. ;)

Caitlin said...

This book is awesome! I loved it so much. My hubby watches Gangland too, and I always thought he was the only one.... ;-)