Saturday, November 28, 2009

TV Update

Sons of Anarchy
SOA is almost over this Tuesday is the season finale. I have officially watched the latest episode 3 times. Tara is honestly growing on me so much I can remember I time when I toyed with the idea of her not being the right one for Jax, but still wanted to give her a chance well now its official I love her. Love Lyla and Opie I love everything going on with Opie right now. I even am liking Agent Stahl and her acting. Love Tig even though he shot Donna. Still hate Clay though but thats his job to make you hate him so he is doing what he needs to. So totally freaked out by Zobelle and his daughters incestness. Gemma is so so amazing I love Katy Segal, and Hale honestly is my 3rd favorite character under Jax and Opie. Also Half Sack getting patched in to the Sons will make me so happy his year is almost up!!! Lastly great idea brining all the clubs together and putting them in the club house for safety. They have so much material to work with on this show so many other clubs and characters and its just so awesome!
P.S. Can't wait for the SOA Soundtrack Kari! lol.

This show is just so good I cried like a freaking baby the last episode. We have to wait for quite a while for the new ones to come back. I had tissues with me, and honest was just sobbing. Even though they hunt monsters and demons on this show it seems real to me. This show has more family drama and sadness than any soap opera type show. Sam and Dean have been huge favorites of mine since season one of Supernatural and it still stays the same. Now with the Angel and Demon war and having to pick sides it just so tramatizing. The side characters this last episode where great to. I love how demons and characters come back on to the show. Plus it seems like they were never gone.

Vampire Diaries
Hmm love this show what can I say. Damon is my favorite his witty one liners, and just everything about that boy make me smile. I am loving Bonnie the witch, and I have liked Elena she is such a girl next door. I am really liking the way things are going with the show, and am super excited about the cliffhanger in the end.

One of my all time favorite shows on TV right now. Puck is my favorite character still so mad they are making him look kind of bad. Loving Quinn and of course Sue the cheer coach and Kurt. Terry is even growing on me she is kind of funny. Loved the Madonna song and also True Colors and Imagine lots of great songs this show. Plus Even and all girls criminal school great stuff.

Wolf Man
Not even sure how many people watch this show but I love it. The latest one I watched Helen got her nails done how cool. She still gets her hair done and nails, and lives with the wolves. She still  looks good, but you can tell she is all about her wolves. Shaun had Helen carry a deer leg for the wolves to catch to simulate them hunting and Helen did an amazing job. At first she was so scared to death and cussing Shaun but she sucked it up and did what she had to do.

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