Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Top Ten TV Couples

Taken from Angieville  she chose her top 10 now I'm gonna pass some time and choose mine :)

1. Jax and Tara.
I'm sure everyone reading this is beyond shocked  I chose Jax and Tara because they were high school sweet hearts and they make a relationship work in a drama filled universe of death and crime.  Tara is able to accept an off the grid lifestyle for Jax, and even though I have my complaints about her they still in my eyes are a timeless couple. Just the fact Jax pinned for her for years, and said every girl he had ever been with including his ex-wife was just a poor substitute to cure the loneliness after Tara ran away.

2. Dr. Quinn and Sully.
I love this couple and I don't care what ANYONE says I adore this show.  They are perfect they balance each other out so well.

3.Spike and Buffy. 

Well if you know me well you know I was a bit of a dork/loner in high school I have evolved some what with age, but I spent many an afternoon watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer and its honestly one of my all time shows and forever will be.  I was a Spike girl from the first time that man graced the screen. Buffy and Spike for me are the "IT" couple the witty banter, and the trials Spike went through for Buffy get me every time.

4.Eric and Pam.
I know shocker 3 vampires in one list.  My Eric and Pam fondness roots back to the books.  However the dialog between Eric and Pam on the show is killer. Eric and Pam are soul mates and best friends she truly appreciates everything Eric has done for her, and he cares so deeply about her. She knows she can leave him anytime she wants to she just doesn't want to. One of my favorite moments is when Eric gets blood in his hair on the show, and he simply says "Pam is going to kill me" classic.

5. Dan and Roseanne.
I love these two so much and can watch this show over and over. They have one of the cutest deepest loves I have ever seen. They truly understand each other better than any couple out there.

6.Nathan and Haley. 
I was a fan of Nathan and Haley from the first season. I have rooted for them constantly and cursed anything that stood in their way. I think you could boot everyone else off the show and make Nathan and Haley hour.

7. Landry and Trya.

Friday Night Lights is a truly underrated show, and the acting is phenomenal. Landry and Tyra are the classic hot girl/dork relationship, and it warms my heart. They have been through a lot, and he believed in her endlessly and made her a better person and she gave him confidence.

8.Rory and Jess.
Before the whole Logan fiasco back when Gilmore Girls was watchable there was a little relationship between Rory and Jess. I was fully on board for that. Granted my heart went out to Dean, but something about Jess, and his love of books and James Deanness sold me.

8.Sam and Dean.

Ok ok so they aren't dating, but they spend ever waking moment together traveling the world in a 1967 Chevy Impala (sad I didn't even have to look that up)..anyway they are the cutest little married couple I know. Constant bickering but they would die for each other...well they have died for each other.

9.Jackie and Hyde.
Even though Jackie dated EVERYONE my favorite relationship of hers was most definitely between her and Hyde. He in my eyes made her a better person, and she brought out the softer side of the slacker stoner. My heart certainly broke the day he married that stripper :(

10.Marshall Dillon and Miss Kitty
Everyone thank my Grandpa but I love Marshall Dillon and Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke in fact I actually like a lot of Westerns might not know that about me :)

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Bravo! Fun list.

What show are the first couple from?

LOVE that you chose Sully. He is SO mega hot.

I LOVED Buffy with Spike.

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