Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quick Update.

The swine flu is a huge epidemic around this place, and I'm not real sure there is anything that can be done to prevent it.  I myself bought antibacterial wipes and Logan being the little paranoid guy wiped down every available surface and even dusted his room thinking it might keep him probably will. IMO the safest thing to do is just wash your hands hand sanitizer actually isn't your best bet it dries your hands out, and lowers your immune system. Its spreading like wildfire when it comes to little kids they have even shut down the schools in my county.  I have been thinking about making my own I am going to the Highlands today I will see what I can find I might make more than one bottle if I get lucky. I just have been feeling under the weather and I'm ready for it to stop.  Everyone should try to take some Vitamin C, and get lots of rest..and don't forget to wash hands.

For more information check out the Soap Pixie's extremely helpful blog on antibacterials and the harmful chemical Triclosan  Soap Pixie's Blog

The Reviews are in.

One Tree Hill
I was a fan this time around, many of you guys might disagree with me, but I am becoming a huge fan of Alex.  I was rooting for Julian and Alex to make a connection.  I was the biggest Brooke and Lucas fan and since that didn't happen I have been a little bitter.  I was depressed that the Bobcats passed Nathan over, maybe if Clay would have accepted that two year deal things might have been a little different. I know in the past I have said I liked Quinn well that feeling is fading fast. Millie is also bumming me out she has become a different person and I dislike they way she is handling things with Mouth.  I really loved Hayley's song it was rather catchy I have always been a fan of her music.  Sadness for Brooke this episode it just would have been a little weird Brooke being pregnant since they have already done that with Hayley and Peyton..they should try to do things a little different this time.

Sons of Anarchy.
Well guys, I'm sure some of you get a  little tired of my SOA rants considering I have no idea how many people who actually read this like the show. This 90 minute special was packed full of drama.  Well votes are in and I love the way things are going. I just had a feeling Gemma would have to drop the rape bomb to mend things between Jax and Clay. Wow! boy did that work like a charm. I was really touched by Jax and Clay's reactions they were so pure, and the acting was great.  I'm really worried about Tara even though I'm not her biggest fan, I still don't think she should have to sacrifice her job. Her heart was in the right place, and she was helping the club no one got hurt in the process why punish her. I'm sure I might be alone in this, but I am a fan of Opie and Lyla.  I'm so glad he has moved on, but I still liked Donna its a tough situation. Chibs and the IRA and the ATF can anyone say CONFUSING.  From what I gather, that IRA boss Jimmy stole Chibs wife and daughter away from him, and then kicked him out of the IRA..not to mention cut a chunk out of his face. What a total dick if I must say so, and I feel like Chibs had no other option but to rat seeing as the boss Jimmy threatened to have sex with his underage daughter. Agent Stahl is one brave lady if I must say so, and I just wish she would accept the fact Jax isn't ratting, and maybe go about things differently. I think the show should stick to two enemies at a time so we don't get to confused with the plot..I'm just saying.   However, great episode looking forward to next Tuesday.

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