Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday The 13th

Spooky, love this day maybe something crazy will happen tonight one can always hope.  Well I hope something excitingly scary not Interview With The Vampire scary. Also I would like to avoid a lovesick Damon as well, speaking of Damon from Vampire Diaries good episode I really like Bonnie the witch she is pretty interesting.

I'm having an Essential Oils dilemma and it involves Cinnamon Bark it is insanely expensive!!! I need to be a millionaire there is just no getting around it.

Life lately has just been I don't know just crazy, my stress levels have been through the roof.  I need to get something relaxing going on or I might explode. I know its just due to lack of sleep, and one heck of stress inducing home life. I need some productive way to channel my stress, and I wish I could say that might be cleaning..but nope that anymore raises my stress level.

The Cats...Whiskers Moon and Storm MUST get on some kind of diet and stay on I need to just nail them down one particular food I know its bad to jump around from food to food, but times are tough lol.

Holidays..I am going to start making my gift lists for everyone, and just to prepare a lot of people will most likely be getting soap, or some other type of crafty thing because I can't pinpoint what to get people, and I wrack my brain and worry myself to death when I could just make you something out of the kindness of my heart.

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