Friday, November 27, 2009


All in all not so bad I'd say I got to meet Sam my cousin Ashley's baby. He is so adorable and funny. I started to read Lover Avenged.  The laptop charger finally died so I had to stop Queen of Dragons because I can't transport my Dad's computer the only working one in the house, and Queen of Dragons is on the laptop. So I am reading a certified real hardback book now. I got to eat some pretty good food I mainly ate the rolls haha. I watched a Myth Buster's marathon with my brother, and then finished it at work because its what they all were watching to. In case you were wondering you can escape from prison Rapunzel style with your own hair.

 I got to talk New Moon with Shimada and Ashley and my Dad informed us Taylor Lautner's favorite football team is the Detroit Lions who were playing the Packers Thanksgiving Day..Thanks Dad..glad you know all about Taylor. He claims he learned it on Regis and Kelly.

Today I stayed home and caught up on some of my sleep with the holiday and working midnights I was a bit tired. Then I watched the Sons of Anarchy episode again with my Dad. I still can't wait to buy season 2 on DVD for the special features and such. Then my Dad brother and I all watched Fighting  with Channing Tatum in it, it was directed by this indie director that made A Guide to Recognizing your Saints  I saw it on the Sundance Channel once pretty good. Anyway Fighting was really good I liked the story, and it was serious funny and romantic pretty great combo. I love Channing Tatum in anything so that was my main draw but the movie held its own IMO.

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