Monday, November 2, 2009

Current stuff I'm in love with.....

Current book.

I'm reading this series that Jessica read called Nightwalkers this is the first book in the series, not very far along in it yet.

This lotion is great.

Mom bought me this at Bath & Body Works today it smells great, and I love it.

Fantastic movie.

Where do I even start, Rory Culkin is so amazing in this movie I want to marry him, I just have to say one of the better Sundance coming of age in the 70's in New York stories, people think they are original but I have seen like fifty...but anyway great story I loved it Rory Culkin and Keiran Culkin both great, and Emma Roberts to she can actually act who knew???

Good cancelled show.

I hate that this show was cancelled I am obsessed with it now, I am in love with Joy even though she is a girl lol, I am going to be sad once I have seen every episode.

In my DVD Player Now!

One of my favorite shows on TV, I had Jessica pick this up for me when I was bored, I told her to go to the DVD section call me and list me what all they had and when she told me they had Its Always Sunny Season 4 I was sold, I must say season 4 holds some of the funniest episodes.

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