Friday, October 30, 2009


Well, I have been sort of busy lately. I went to class, and then took one of the most difficult midterms of my life. Like 4 essay questions and some crazy words I have never heard of to define it was killer I hope I didn't bomb. I have to start on my papers soon its due Tuesday, and I also have to work on my history study guide, boring I know but thats my life. I also have let Farm Town take over my life double boring haha. I watched Sons of Anarchy I'm sure you guessed it yes..I loved this episode I basically love every episode. Glee wasn't on due to baseball. I watched Vampire Diaries it was good I'm glad Jeremy isn't going to be obsessed with Vicky anymore now that she is officially dead. Supernatural was pretty original they hadn't done witches in a while especially the male kind. I have been getting into Deadwood even though its cancelled a pretty unique show if I must I think its cool an actor from Sons of Anarchy is on the show the guy who plays Chief Uncer, the man who plays Sheriff Dearborn from True Blood, and Bobby from Supernatural are all characters on Deadwood. Plus my brother got my hooked on My Name is Earl. My life is so boring. I did go to eat at the Quaker Steak and Lube lol. We didn't have any Trick or Treaters Halloween was defiantly a bust this year. I watched My Super Physco Sweet Sixteen and like half of Hocus Pocus those were my Halloween movies this year. Totally got behind on One Tree Hill Stacey had to fill me in on all the stuff I missed with that show. No idea what book I'm going to start reading possibly the Vampire Academy or finish Tunnels of Blood oh the decisions in my exciting life.

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