Sunday, November 22, 2009

Treasure Keeper

My rating: 5 of 5 stars Zoe and Rhys were extremely real. Zoe is a seamstress, and Rhys is a Lord. Zoe is betrothed to someone else however Rhys was her childhood sweetheart. She was the only one who didn't bend to his will. She is Gifted beyond her wildest dreams, and torn between a prim and proper man who will treat her nice and a sarcastic rebel dragon Lord. I know despite the book being about dragons it was real, and I read the books somewhat out of order however it didn't really seem to matter. I loved the images I got when reading the descriptions of the French palace,and the shire. The idea of dragons being able to transform into people or smoke just seemed intriguing to me. I loved how the diamonds sang to the "Drakon",and I liked the idea of two tribes of dragons the ones in England and the ones in Transylvania. The funny little rants Rhys had were nice to,and the love hate relationship he had with Zoe kept you guessing. Also I had no idea who Zoe was going to be with,and I liked not being able to figure it out within the first few chapters.

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