Monday, October 19, 2009

Well I am bored

I am watching Zombieland illegally on the internet and it cut me off and told me to come back later and finish.

PMS induced tiredness/illness I think I have an iron deficiency because you loose iron during your period and lacking it anyway can make you extremely extra tired plus working midnights doesn't help. I have slept way to much the last couple of days and then this morning I got my monthly visitor I sound like an old woman haha. I slept all day because I just felt like crap.

I watched The Proposal today very cute movie I love Ryan Reynolds and Betty White was hilarious.

I might have mentioned I also saw Law-Abiding Citizen it was incredible Gerard Butler totally deserves awards for his acting.

Plus Glee, Vampire Diaries,Supernatural and Its Always Sunny were all great good week for TV I'd say.

Also a good week for not utterly bombing history exams you don't really study to hard for..GO ME!

I visited with my Pap and Aunt Linda this weekend and played I Spy with Brady so it wasn't a bad weekend.

Also the Steelers beat the Browns awesome even if I was asleep during the game :)

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