Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I had class yesterday it was busy, and we talked about Twelfth night yep not hugely stimulating.

Got my history test back didn't do to bad thank God.

Then spent sometime with my Pap

Went to work and we watched SAW II love those movies

Then watched SOA

Sons of Anarchy was so great I loved how Clay and Jax fought it out what a bloody fight. I like Lyla to I think she is a sweetheart even if she is a porn star lol. I liked Tara in this episode to even if she wasn't in it to much she seemed to handle Jax being in prison well and she stood by the club pretty nice. Opie seems to be redeeming himself in my book as well. Gemma was great to and I love how her and Tristan Oswald's daughter have a mutual understanding because of all the horrible stuff they both have gone through. Agent Stahl was funny to, she is just weird I still don't like her, but she is interesting. Also Juice provided some comic releif in an intense episode. I mean Juice got stabbed and the black cop got shot, but we still had some laughs.

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