Sunday, October 4, 2009


Well I have mainly been working all the time, and I am thankful for a day off. I have been really busy with that, and going to class. I have found myself addicted to Criminal Minds lately they play the reruns a lot, and that show is pretty great. I also started to read The Black Dagger Brotherhood and got sucked into that I started on Thursday and just finished the 3rd book today, and I'm positive I am going to start the 4th one this evening haha can't put them down. I loved Vampire Diaries Thursday, and am loving Damon he is so hilarious. Also I am in love with Glee that show is cracking me up. I am going to try and watch Three Rivers tonight it looks pretty good will let you know what I think about that. Well I guess I should go find something to eat and rest my eyeballs from reading so much.

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