Sunday, September 20, 2009


I took a very long nap today and I feel so much better my lack of sleep must have just caught up with me. I am so excited I got my soap book. "Soap:Making it Enjoying it" haha it is pretty neat I love it so far. It honestly has been really informative and easy to understand. I watched The Beautiful Life today I had it recorded on DVR and it was pretty good I really liked it. I thought the actors were really good and cute. I really want to start watching it next Wednesday I think its at 9 well I hope its at 9 because there are like fifty things recording on Wednesdays because that is when Glee is on and I record that and my Dad is recording Criminal minds. I have been watching Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I think you should watch it that show is so funny I'm sad I have not been watching if for all these seasons. I watched the Mountaineer game that was pretty interesting is all I'm going to say. Haven't watched the Steelers game have it recording going to watch it with Dad when he gets off work. I guess not a bad weekend.

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