Monday, September 21, 2009


Today I am doing a special about a movie I just watched with my brother. He is a huge Political/Cop movie fan, and I watch those types of movies with him. I never really cared for them before but living with him has changed my opinion. I watched "State of Play" a political thriller starring Russel Crowe Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams. Russel Crowe is the center of the movie playing a reporter, and Affleck a congressman. Affleck and Crowe were roommates in college. McAdams is a blogger for the Globe. Affleck's research assistant whom he is sleeping with winds up dead. Crowe and McAdams team up to investigate it, and uncover that a shady military operation Affleck has been investigating may be involved. Many interesting things come to light during the movie, and it keeps you guessing the entire way. McAdams holds her own against big names such as Helen Miren, the tough news paper editor, Robin Wright-Penn Affleck's wife who is also involved with Crowe, and Jason Bateman a sneaky PR man. The direction the story takes keeps you thinking, and McAdam's guiding Crowe who may be to personally involved provides a thick plot. Crowe is amazing, and controls the film, but gives the other actors room to shine. He and Robin Wright-Penn perfectly portray two old friends that could never get the romance right. Affleck just blows my mind with his ability to keep you guessing and shock you the entire film. McAdams showed she could carry a film because she Affleck and Crowe are the 3 main players. All in all a shocking film that fools you in the beginning by making you think you have the entire thing pegged, and then turning a complete 180. Great movie if your into political thrillers that is.

You should check McAdams out in
"The Lucky Ones" great performance she plays an Iraqi war vet.
"The Family Stone" One of my favorite movies about a family gathering for the holidays. Also stars Sara Jessica Parker, Luke Wilson, and Diane Keaton.
"Red Eye" Not exactly amazing but she is the main person on screen, and delivers without help from any other actors.
"The Notebook" Goes without saying.
"Mean Girls" Funny and one of Lindsay Lohans last great movies.

I also suggest you check out "American Gangster" if you haven't seen it Russel Crowe is great, but the movie itself is good.

Also, "Gone Baby Gone" it will reassure you that Ben Affleck is not talentless and no he is not in it he wrote and directed it.

Also if you end up liking "State of Play" you might want to check out the BBC miniseries its based on starring James McAvoy another incredibly talented man.


Kari said...

Caitlin you should be a movie reviewer for a newspaper. Well written.

Caitlin said...

Thanks..I wasn't sure about the movie at first it seemed to be to easy to figure out but that all changed quickly.