Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Save BioGems

Ok so this is kind of a downer but important to me. If you know me you know I love animals, and the environment and I am a big liberal. However President Obama and his administration has kicked wolves off the Endangered Species list in Montana and Idaho. That abandons them to mass killing by hunters and government agents. To be fair it was started with the end of the Bush Administration, however it is opposed by more than 200 scientist. Also it is really Obama's Interior Secretary, and its crazy he would continue something so cruel.

Also in other sad news

-Grizzly Bears are at risk from habitat loss and hunting
-Also Whales are at risk have been forever thats not news but still sad
-Global Warming is killing the Polar Bears
-Yellowstone's Wild Bison face cruel slaughter each year

Plus many more

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