Tuesday, September 22, 2009

House/One Tree Hill/Gossip Girl

I loved House, I felt he was still his usual mean self, but then he realized he was broken. He just wants to be happy like everyone else, but he is afraid to be happy because he is scared it will comprise his ability to be a good doctor. I think no matter how fixed he gets he still wont' be able to put up with stupid people. I don't think he will change that much. I think he will just enjoy his life more, and be able t appreciate the good things. I thought Hugh Laurie did and excellent job, he was so raw and believable. I loved the Doctor of the Mayfield hospital he was excellent going against House. I also really loved Alvy he was hilarious. I liked the German Lady I didn't love her, but she was ok added some nice romance to the story. I feel some shows believe they need that but I'm a House/Cuddy fan so I didn't. They could have easily picked one of the other patients he helped as a reason to release him. If the excuse was he had to connect he connected with several patients including the Mayfield Doctor (going to stay with him when his Dad died) I call that connection. My brother was certain he would pop a Vicodin on the bus I toyed with the idea, but guess my brother was wrong.

One Tree Hill
I liked One Tree Hill, but lets start with the things I didn't like . I didn't like the nasty girl claiming she is pregnant with Nathan's baby. I adore Nathan and Haley together and hate anyone or anything that try and rip them apart no need for it. Yes ok they have a need happiness does not make for good TV. I didn't like the goofy drunken celebrity coming to model for Brooke's clothing line. Last I did not like the Brooke/Julian storyline it pretty much copied the way Julian handled Brooke's mom. Also come on a lifetime of the Dad not caring and one talk from good ole B. Davis and he miraculously cares for his son. Things I did like longer list I'm happy to say. I liked Rachel sneaking back into the show, and love the fact she is married to Dan. That totally shocked me never saw it coming. I like Haley's sister Quinn and her storyline. I also like Nathan's agent even though I hate the plot he's apart of at the moment. I really loved Haley pretending to be Lucas and Peyton that was funny, and I adore Jamie no matter what he is doing.

Gossip Girl
Oh God where to start, disliked Gossip Girl I'm sorry to say I'm going to tear it to shreds. Starting with the ridiculous storyline involving Rufus and Lilly. Ok for one no one cares about them, and its insane to have Serena, Jenny, Dan,Eric, and Chuck all act like siblings. Plus Rufus just parents them all, and Lilly is never even around. I mean I am happy that everyone has a family and is happy, but come on Dan is rich how crazy. I love Jenny but she is never even in the story, and Eric is MIA as well. Blair where to start I can't stand Blair's storyline she is so boring, and the evil schemes she comes up with are pathetic, and she is foiled by Dan Humphrey ridiculous. Word to Gossip Girl please stop creeping me out with the freaky Andrew/Scott boy Vanessa is dating, can we please just announce he is Rufus and Lilly's love child. Georgina hate her she annoys me, and is weird and not pretty at all, she isn't even creepy anymore just bothersome. Vanessa can't stand her, she whispers all the time, and always sounds pissed off when she talks. She honestly never seems happy, even when happy things are happening. Love Chuck, can't complain to much about him. Serena wow, her storyline is alright don't hate it. I like the idea of her being a train wreck to get her Dad to pay attention. I also like Nathan's storyline its pretty decent. If Blair and Chuck stay away from that freaky 3 way thing they were doing in the first episode I should be ok with them for now that is.

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