Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Glee was phenomenal I loved it I really love the direction they are going, the football dancing thing was kinda cheesy but I still liked it. I thought it totally fit for Glee. Also Quinn being pregnant and not by Finn and being the President of the celibacy club how awesome is that. Plus I think Will's wife is totally insane, creepy much just sitting in Quinn's car wanting her baby how freaky. Rachel is getting taught a lesson that other people need to be praised to, and I love that. I'm excited for next week.

Sons of Anarchy
I really loved SOA this week, but that's because I kept thinking Tara was going to get to kick some one's ass, and it might have made me respect her a little more. Jax is so hot and bad ass, and Gemma is right Tara needs to just beat the hell out of one girl and everyone will back off for good. Also she needs to earn him in my mind haha. I am sad for Opie and would like for him to start being happy any day now. Also I love Hale and would like him to stop being evil and working for the crazy cigar man and the Nords like right now. Clay is crazy and what is up with him throwing stuff threw Gemma's window. Jax was really great in this episode, I love how he says darling all the time. Also I loved Luann and Bobby they did really great jobs, and HATE the crazy porn chick who has a crush on Jax. All in all an ok filler episode we learned Hale is evil, and Opie kind of doesn't care weather he lives or dies, and Clays is a mean asshole.

Loved this show it was cute, and love Roxy (kind of Army Wives with the name but whatever) she is really funny, and Matt Dallas is her boyfriend how hot is he and young for her. I just thought the show was really fun, and it didnt' remind me of Witches of Eastwick, but more Practical Magic and I love that movie. The lady getting attacked by ants was horrible and scared me to death, and was really disgusting. I honestly think its just a cute funny show.

Not a fan, really its an ok show, but not my cup of tea. I totally predicted the mystery doctor coming back from Iraq to proclaim his love for Victoria, and Its an original show kind of with the Iraq thing, and she is nurse not a doctor. Its kind of like Greys, but a cheaper version. I will probalby watch it but just because nothing else is on during that timeslot I like.

Glee was by far the best

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