Sunday, August 9, 2009



SO the new episode of True Blood was so amazing best episode yet I can't believe how amazing it was. Eric was so awesome, and he got to do so much, and he was so vulnerable. You saw how much he cared about Godric, and you saw he is drawn toward Sookie..I love Jason to he FINA LY came to his senses. Godric is amazing, but he is still no Eric. I pretty much just ignored the parts with Sam and Tara in them. I loved when Eric sacrificed himself, and told Sookie he would be fine. When Sookie told him not to kill that man he listened and dropped the stake. The best part was when Bill was trying to get Sookie out of the church, and she ran back to save Eric LOVED it. I loved Jessica and Hoyt, and feel so bad for Jessica being a virgin forever will be tough. Also amazing how Godric and Sookie schooled Lorena. Oh and when Bill and Eric have "words" over Sookie and Bill says to give up, and Eric tells him that is not his decision to make. Obviously Sooke feels something for Eric.. Eric is the one who told Sookie maybe he would grow on her, and he most defintly is. Sookie is still a little mad Eric sent her into a trap but it worked out he saved her, and Godric. I mean Lorena realeased Bill forever ago she really has no hold over him, just like a minor one anyway its not at all like Eric and Godric. I just can not wait for next Sunday :)

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